Friday, February 7, 2014

The Chocolate Museum, Cologne

In December I have been in Cologne, Germany.
It was my 4th time there, always in the winter - love that city ! 
Never had visited the Chocolate Museum though.
Let's have a look, shall we ?

From downtown Cologne we walked along the river...
The area were the Chocolate Museum is located counts with many other museums as well.
Beautiful medieval buildings on the way...
Outside the museum: many kiosks and open air shops selling wool accesories, honey, mustard and... yes, you guessed right: chocolate

Inside the museum. 
To be honest, I first thought it was very boring, with info and lots of data, historical facts and interactive stuff for kids.

Because we first had strolled during the morning around Cologne, when I arrived at the museum I was already tired and thirsty. The museum is not immense. However, it is bigger than I had expected and if you really want to enjoy and read about everything then you need to save hours for it. There is a  restaurant inside the museum with sandwiches and pies, called Harbour Terrace - quite busy.

Then upstairs it gets really exciting. 
You see the production of real chocolate, a fountain, wrapping paper, machines. Then your visitst gets much more "real". 

You can also request customised chocolates to buy.
It takes some time andpatience though.
Now, the Mayan / Aztecan section is really what you should call a fine class museum.
Very pleasant, it really stimulates your mind.

And then we arrive at a section with European vintage prints and artifacts from the past centuries.

In a nutshell, that was it.
A lovely museum in a beautiful location, near downtwon Cologne.   
There is more, of course, much more to see in the Chocolate Museum.
But then this would become a much too long post !

Chocolate Museum
Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 50678 
D 50678, Cologne

Tue - Thu from 10h to 18 h
Sat - Sund and hollidays from 11h to 19h
If I remember well, the entrance ticket for an adult was 9euros.
There are discounts for families and groups.    

Thanks for reading ! 
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Léia Silva said...

Querida Anita
Sou chocólatra e amaria fazer esse passeio!
Vou anotar a dica!
Te desejo uma ótima semana.