Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taschen, Amsterdam (& Sebastião Salgado)

Last Sunday I went with my little family for a walk in the Vondelpark. We also wandered by Amsterdam south and I decided to visit te Taschen bookstore located in the très chic P.C. Hoofstraat . Yep, this book worm had never been at the Taschen !

The shop has a contemporary interior, sleek and very clean.
Downstairs I immeditally spotted this immense Helmut Newton.
My husband could not believe the price !!!  
"The biggest and most expensive book in the 20th century."

Upstairs... What else can I say ? Books are my best friends. 
I loved the books dispositions on islands, shelves, along the walls. 
The light in the shop is also perfect. All kinds of lighting.  
Natural light, diffused lights, spots. 

While my kids were waiting for mama to take a decision, they sat on this couch and the gentle salesman offered them this book to kill some time. 

I asked the salesman what book(s) are the most popular lately
He pointed to The Big Book of Breasts (and the rest of the Collection).  
He also showed me the small versions "The Little Book of...".  
Not my thing, invest money and time in all that anatomy... 
such a superficial thing.

I left the Tashcne shop in Amsterdam with just one book: Living in Japan (for 11 euros. I guess via Amazon or bol.com you pay a bit less). I have already Living in Morokko and Living in Greece and the "Japan" one would be a nice contrast.

I am not going to buy any other from this collection ( "Living in...", "Romantic Houses in...") cause I have my faves already (Argentina & Bahia ones). Enough of home interiors around the globe. Now I will save for others on my list. Many others.
Sebastião Salgado's works were also displayed in the Taschen shop in Amsterdam, of course.
Especially Genesis. Here is how Taschen describes the work:

"Stunning black and white photographs from the GENESIS project arranged in five chapters geographically: Planet South, Sanctuaries, Africa, Northern Spaces, Amazonia and Pantanal"

And on Sebastião Salgado's own words: Genesis is his "love letter to the planet". 

Ik you have no idea who Sebastião Salgado is, please check this lovely video.
He is a very driven, ambitious and passionate man (about his wife, his career, his farm, his fellow human, his planet). Powerful photos, powerful speech.

Oh, and when I went to the cashier at the shop I got this magazine for free as well.
It is published twice a year. Very nice!

The salesman at Taschen Amsterdam is a sweet guy who allowed me to make all the pics, took my address so that I can receive the future editions of Taschen magazine at home - and also offered notebooks to my kids and a bag for free!
Sometimes a girl can be very happy about customer service in the Netherlands, yeah !

Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 44
1071 BZ Amsterdam



Beth Blue said...

I love reading, I love Taschen but I have a confession to make: have never been in their bookshop!!! And I live in Amsterdam, shame on me.

On my list to do 2014. Check.

Anita said...

Beth, eu também. E só agora que visitei, meio que por acaso. O preço nem é mais barato que por Amazon ou Bol. Mas você pode folhear muita coisa, analisar se vale a pena a compra. Quero mais alguns da Taschen e acho que a proxima vez que passar num finde no Vondelpark vou desviar do caminho e visitar a loja mais uma vez. Sugiro que voce faça uma inscrição para receber a revista através do site, voce vai gostar da leitura !